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Welcome to #Fabulous, we're glad you have decided to join us, come introduce yourself.
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Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:15 am

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening you #Fabulous people!

My name is Noomoid and I am one of the Site Admin here. I would like to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. I hope that you find something here to your liking and if not, drop me a line or post in the help and support forum and we will see how we can accomodate you.

I'm a Trans Woman (She/Her) and been out since the end of August 2017. I'm an avid gamer :game: and lover of sci-fi/fantasy. I enjoy music, everything from Industrial metal to retro synth-wave. Some of my favourite artists include Celldweller, Scandroid, Circle of Dust (yeah I know that's all the same person ;-P ), Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Pantera, Moby, NIN, Rob Zombie, Helloween, Ministry, The Orb.........oh the list goes on (I love music)

I hope you like it here and stay with us, make #Fabulous your home and help create an inclusive place for people to feel safe and welcome. I look forward to interacting with you here at #Fabulous

Love you all
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